Fall Speaking Events

Labour Day is just around the corner and on the other side of it is a very busy Fall period. Here are some pay-per-view events at which I will be speaking:

September 23, Osgoode PD conference on good faith in contract law.

October 5, 16th National Forum on Administrative Law & Practice.

October 7, Canadian Bar Association Women Lawyers Forum: Threading Equality through the Law — The Legacy of Justice Rosalie Abella.

October 18, Ontario Bar Association Annual Update on Judicial Review.

October 19, Symposium on dissent at the Supreme Court of Canada.

October 27, Canadian Institute Advanced Administrative Law & Practice Conference.

November 2, Canadian Bar Association Administrative Law Online Symposium.

November 18, CLEBC Administrative Law Conference.

I will add links to the October 18 and 19 events when I have them.

I am also planning some events around the publication of Understanding Administrative Law in the Common Law World: stay tuned for further details.

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