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Constitutionally Conforming Interpretation in Canada

I have posted “Constitutionally Conforming Interpretation in Canada” to SSRN. Here is the abstract: The presumption of constitutionally conforming interpretation is an important part of Canadian constitutional law. But that there is fundamental disagreement about the presumption. This fundamental disagreement reveals the existence of two different camps of lawyers, which I label Type A and […] Read more


The Relativity of Nullity: R (Majera) v Home Secretary [2021] UKSC 46; R (TN(Vietnam)) v Home Secretary [2021] UKSC 41

In its landmark decision in the Case of Prorogations, the United Kingdom Supreme Court suggested that the unlawfulness of Prime Minister Johnson’s advice to the Queen rendered it — and the prorogation that followed — a nullity. Together with the UKSC’s earlier decision in the unusual case of Ahmed (No. 2), the Case of Prorogations […] Read more